Board and Train from Augusta Dog Training

Boarding School at Augusta Montgomery continues the tradition of providing exceptional dog training services established 24 years ago By Augusta Dog Training.


While enrolled at our Boarding School your dog will receive personalized, one on one training customized to your needs and your dog’s unique personality. Our exclusive 4-week Boarding School Dog Training Program focuses on developing, crafting and polishing basic to advanced obedience skills. 

Boarding School is a great jump start for a dog with limited training. It is also an excellent finishing out program for dogs with previous training or for  owners seeking off leash control.

Your Goals, Our Focus

Our Board School Program specializes in good manner training based upon a strong foundation of basic obedience skills. Whether your dogs has limited training or you are seeking polished off leash performance, we can help your dog reach their training potential. Prior to training, we meet with each owner dog team to learn about your goals and your dog’s current abilities and motivators. This allows us to customize your dog’s training to match your dog’s personality and achieve your goals.

In addition to providing quality training, our goal is to provide a pleasant, comfortable and low stress training experience. As such, we limit the number of dogs per training session allowing us to provide ample one-on-one training time and personalized care.

With proper follow up by the owner, your dog’s new skill can be easily integrated into family life. Many of our graduates easily achieve a Canine Good Citizen or Therapy Dog Certification within weeks or months of completing our program!

German Shepherd with young child
Two dogs at an overnight boarding kennel
Ruthie The Bulldog, an esteemed graduate of Augusta Dog Training's Board and Train program in Edina, Minnesota, sits at the edge of a garden.
Dog offering a paw to shake

Experience and Communication Matters

Our training methods are dog friendly, fair and effective. Over the last 24 years we have trained over 10,000 dogs of different breeds, personalities, learning styles, temperament and family dynamics. You and your dog benefit from our vast experience and abilities. 

Transferring your dog’s new skills over to your control is a key competent in long term success. In addition to our dog training abilities, we are also known for our positive, constructive and professional instruction. The ability to effectively and positively communicate with our owners is as equally important as effectively training your dog.

  • Dogs 6 month or older are eligible for Augusta’s Boarding School for Dogs
  • Dogs must be housebroken
  • Current vaccinations & flea and tick preventative are required
  • Nonaggressive towards dogs, adults and children
  • Females in season are not eligbile
  • Enrollment is limited per session
  • Completed registration form and deposit secures your dog’s spot in our program.
  • Each session 4 week in duration

Augusta Montgomery is located 25 miles south of the Twin Cities just north of Montgomery, MN. Our home and training facility are located on 20 acres of trails, prairie, ponds and woods; all designed and cultivated for dog training and the love of outdoors.

Our training facility is. bright and cheery providing a cozy & related atmosphere for your dog. It is an excellent dog environment for learning and continued dog socialization

It is also our private residence that we designed competitive training with our personal dogs.

While at Montgomery your dog will be exposed to and interact with our personal dogs, children, friends and family.

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Woman petting her golden retriever