Board and Train

Going away for an extended vacation? Does your dog need comprehensive training? Do you want a well-trained dog but have limited time? Our Board and Train Packages are the answer! With our Board and Train Package your dog will receive positive, quality training while also enjoying the amenities of group play, private suites and lots of individual attention.

We offer 3 Board and Train packages:

  1. Board and Train Foundation is for dogs 6 months or older who do not have formal training. In this package, we introduce the basic commands of sit, wait, down, stay, controlled leash walking and come.
  2. Board and Train Advanced is for dogs who have received previous training whose owners desire a reliable, one command response to basic commands. Additional skills to be added by owner request include Place (door greeting), Heel and Bed (go lie down command).
  3. Advanced Off Leash Control For dogs who have completed Advanced training whose owner seeks reliable off leash control – call for details.

Each Board and Train Package is 3 weeks in duration.

  • Includes overnight care in one of our private suites
  • Includes four hours of group play (must meet screening requirements)
  • Basic and advance obedience skills will be taught in a positive, quality manner with focus on good manners for the home
  • Training available for basic and advanced obedience
  • Board and Train dogs need to meet vaccination screening requirements

Call for details today

Brush Up Training

Keep your dog’s petiquette picture perfect when he/she is boarding with us.

Brush Up Training sessions are an excellent add-on amenity for shorter boarding stays. Sessions are 30 minutes in duration and are a GREAT compliment to both boarding and daycare visits. Select daily or every other day sessions to enhance your dog’s stay with us and polish critical obedience skills.