Private training at the convenience of your home!

In 1996, Augusta pioneered in-home dog training in the Twin Cities. Since then we have offered the finest in-home dog training services. Our training is customized to your needs and your dog’s unique personality. We offer a variety of training packages for the beginner through advanced dog.

Prices vary, call one of our offices to set up an initial consultation and evaluation. We offer daytime, evening and Saturday appointments to accommodate busy schedules.

German Shepherd with young child
Group training classes in-home


6 one-hour lessons designed to teach you how to train your dog. We offer daytime, evening or Saturday lessons to accommodate busy schedules and welcome family participation!


Private tutoring for your dog in your home, designed for busy and discerning dog owners. We do your dog training homework for you.


3 one-hour lessons designed for a successful beginning.


For the dog who is loved, but is not always lovable. From housebreaking and training challenges to separation anxiety and aggression issues, we can help!


Training lessons are approximately one hour in duration. Generally, we meet every other week and offer flexible training times to accommodate busy schedules. During your lesson you should anticipate 40 – 45 minutes of hands-on training with the balance of the lesson devoted to addressing specific questions or issues. Each lesson is customized to your particular training needs and your dog’s behavior, learning style and attitude.

  • Training lessons are specifically tailored to your needs and your dog’s unique personality
  • Once obedience commands are taught we show you how to integrate them into the everyday environment resulting in good manners around the home
  • Expect Homework! The more you practice with your dog, the faster you will see results
  • Since each dog is treated as an individual you and your pet will advance at your own pace
Beckett, a retriever, sits patiently on a dog mat after participating in private in-home dog training in the Western Twin Cities.