In-Home Lessons Vs. Dog Training Classes

In-Home Lessons Vs. Dog Training Classes


I am often asked what are the benefits of in-home training versus classes.

There are two major benefits of in-home training compared to classes.

Since an in-home lesson is also a private lesson, the training is customized to match your dog’s personality and your family’s specific needs.

In their home environment dogs are typically more responsive & less stressed. This enhances the ability of our canine pupil to learn and apply their lessons. As such, we typically progress at a much quicker pace than in a class setting and the skills are much more thoroughly trained.

The other major benefit is that we APPLY the obedience skills to real life situations in which the owner needs control.

During obedience classes an instructor can discuss HOW to teach a dog to greet someone at the doorway or to reinforce “off”. During in-home lessons we can actually TRAIN for that scenario.

Last Friday, Eldon joined me on an in-home lesson after school.

The family was struggling with their young dog jumping and nipping at their grandchildren.

El’s participation on that lesson was a tremendous asset and highlighed the benefits and value of in-home training.

The dog owners could observe how I handled Molly in the presence of an friendly & exciting young person.

The lesson also provided owners the opportunity to apply their handling and training skills in a real life situation.

The end result: happy, respectful dog, delighted owners and cookies for Eldon.

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